Why you should use video marketing

October 1, 2020

Video has been around for a while but that does not mean that it has become less valuable. In fact, it’s the total opposite. This trend is progressing rapidly and is expected to escalate even further than one might imagine.

More and more hospitality companies are using video advertising and you might wonder if it’s worth for your hotel to allocate budget to this…the answer is yes.

Video ads convert sales. Adding video to your hotel website is highly beneficial as statistics show that the average user spends more time on a website that include video(s) and one-third of the online activity is dedicated to watching videos. Video content on your website creates a higher chance of guest conversion to sales.
Here is an example of how Hotel Castell D’Emporda has incorporated video on their website:

Video is educational. It tells a story much better than other formats. The emotional impact of video is high and helps create a more personalized relationship with your hotel and brand, connecting the viewer with your location. Video marketing is also a good way for explaining and educating guests on certain services that your hotel provides or offers.

People share videos. Hundreds of videos are shared by Twitter users every minute and Facebook users watch more video than ever, which results in huge number of video viewers sharing videos with others. Therefore, creating and distributing video content from your hotel will increase your social media exposure drastically.

Popularity on Google. There has been an upraise in how much websites with videos affects your search ranking. Distributing your video content via social media, on blogs and adding them to your website increases the chance of your potential guests to find what they are looking for easier.

Video and mobile go hand in hand. YouTube reports that video consumption rises 100% every year. People like to watch videos on the go and dream away about their next hotel stay. As smartphone users are growing, your video audience is increasing too. Make sure that your hotel’s website and videos are optimized for mobile devices.

Video analytics from campaigns are always useful especially for planning future campaigns. When you first get started this is extremely valuable as you can test what works the best. It makes you aware of what component of your content is more effective and appeals to your target audience.

Video marketing is becoming cheaper as distribution is more affordable. Emotional and creative videos showing the unique experience at your hotel can be spread in a few days and receive thousands of views. That’s really the point of investing in video marketing, as the opportunities to reach your potential guests is very high. If these reasons still do not motivate you to start investing in video marketing, here is a last reason: your competition is distributing videos and capturing your potential guests already.
So, you better get on it sooner than later!

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