Recruitment Marketing for Hotels

Hotel recruitment is a hot topic at the moment as its landscape has gone through a fast and quite extreme change, sparked by the Covid-19 global pandemic. Employers are facing new challenges. However, candidates approach to job searching and their long-term career path has been evolving for some time already.

Modern approach
Recent generations of hoteliers have discarded the old fashioned approach to job applications as it has become outdated with changing technology and online presence. Candidates explore their options and consider their choices in much the same way as they would with consumer products – searching online, reading reviews, evaluating social media profiles etc. These parallels mean that recruitment marketing should be approached in a similar way to digital marketing.
Employer branding
Employer branding is needed to support job postings. The user experience needs to be considered. Communications with the candidates needs to create an emotional connection to your brand, content needs to be carefully thought out, on brand and well targeted. Then it needs to be attractive and easy for to apply. Human Resources teams have started looking for Recruitment Specialists with up to date knowledge and a modern approach. A creative mindset to get your recruitment efforts noticed and place your company apart from the competition is critically valuable. This can be especially difficult for small, independent hotels with compact teams.
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To help with this, we have put together an eBook full of best practices to give you a steer in the right direction and remain competitive in today’s job market. Let’s get those vacancies filled! Download the eBook here or get in touch with us for a tailored recruitment strategy which we can help you execute with successful recruitment campaigns.

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