Brand development in Greece

AVA Hotel & Suites


We researched the market and DNA of AVA Hotel & Suites in Athens to create a solid vision, which led to a powerful brand story and identity. These brand guidelines together form the key towards new hotel experiences, brand assets and a clear message in every form of communication.


We probed the hotel’s stories, history and assets to draw up a DNA report with a bright vision and value proposition. In the core, we defined AVA’s believe in the inquisitive spirit of independent travellers. Those who make time stand still, connect with the local, and look at the wisdom of the past to better understand the society of tomorrow. That is how AVA inspires our twenty-first-century cosmopolitan lives with a keen eye for the origins of democracy, philosophy, arts and the sciences.


Based on our discovery, we sketched the brand story and identity. The narrative was built on the three pillars: immersive, inquisitive and refined. These brand pillars were the foundation for the visual and verbal framework of the brand identity.


The visual framework we developed, outlines the brand’s colours, typography and graphic elements. The verbal framework gives direction to every piece of written and oral communication, including tone-of-voice, word usage and sample stories. Some of the brand assets that we developed are:

  • Menus
  • In-room collateral
  • Stationary
  • Merchandising

Hotel 1


Hotel 1


Hotel 1


“From planning to editing: the bright
minds of Orange Hotel Marketing helped
us translate our brand into a vast collection
of images. With this new appearance,
demand for our resort mounted in no-time.”

John Appleseed

AVA Hotel & Suites Athens


Number of
Brand Assets Created: 23

in Demand: 18%

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