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The Power of Facebook Advertising

With over 1.8 billion users and over 900 million visits a day, Facebook has the largest online audience available, which makes it a good fit for […]

Why you should use video marketing

Video has been around for a while but that does not mean that it has become less valuable. In fact, it’s the total opposite. This trend […]

Capture your audience with cinemagraphs

Capturing your audience can be quite a challenge. We all know, a good photograph is worth a 1000 words. Yet, photography alone might no longer be […]

Increasing cancellation rates are hurting hotels

Nov 15, 2016 The major Online Travel Agencies are masters in conversion. They create a sense of urgency, but at the same time convince guests that […]

An SSL Certificate: The Advantages

Aug 29, 2016 As web surfers we all value safe and trustworthy websites, especially when it comes to personal information and payments. More and more visitors […]

Facebook Canvas: The Story Telling Tool of Facebook

August 5, 2016 Facebook stays ahead of the game by frequently launching new features. Besides the recently launched 360 photos it is now possible to advert with […]

Bing Advertising, Do or Don’t?

June 21, 2016 When someone asks you to name a search engine, it is quite likely you you’ll mention Google. Competitors, such as Bing (2,92% in Q1 2016) […]

Important changes in Google Ads

May 26, 2016 Last February, Google started to carry out some substantial modifications when it comes to advertising. Previously Google showed three advertisements on the top […]

5 x Best Instagram Practices for Hotels

May 23, 2016 Instagram is hot. Nothing new when we tell you Instagram is a visual platform driving on creative content and a passionate community, where inspiring […]

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