How Hotels can Maximise Revenue Generated on Valentine’s Day

New Year’s Eve has been and gone and we are speeding through January, it is time to get ready for Valentine’s Day! Many businesses are dusting off their Valentine’s plans, which may not have changed in years. After all, what more do you need for a romantic package other than chocolates, champagne and a scattering of rose petals? Well, if you really want to optimise your bookings and catch the attention of your wider audience, quite a bit!

Take a look at our top tips in the checklist below to freshen up your Valentine’s Day offerings and secure as many bookings in the lead up to every lovebird’s favourite day.

Assets, Packages and Partnerships
  • Photo shoot: consider a professional photo shoot to help you stand out from competition with eye-catching images.
  • Packages: different types of couples are looking for different experiences, so get creative and think outside the box! A traditional package for those who want to stay in could be complemented by something that speaks another language of love such as music, art, culture or food.
  • Themed menus: have your chef whip up a special menu or menu item which can be used in hotel packages as well as to capture local guests.
  • Partnerships: add value to your offering and benefit from potential cross promotion by partnering with another brand. For example, a drinks brand for your themed menu or a wellness company for a gift bag at your spa.
Direct Bookings
  • Landing page: create a Valentine’s Day landing page to showcase all your romantic offers and optimise SEO value. Make sure you are clear about what is included in each package and make booking easy with clear CTA buttons.
  • Upsell: add upsell options e.g. late check-out or a couples spa treatment.
  • Limited time offers: create a sense of urgency with limited time offers to encourage impulse bookings.
  • Gift vouchers: for those who cannot stay on February 14 but still want a surprise to share on the actual day, a gift voucher is a great option.
Travel Couple
Digital Promotion
  • Social media campaign: social media campaigns offer a fast and budget friendly way to reach the right customers. They can also be used for destination restaurants offering a special menu.
  • Newsletter: it might be worth putting together a fun newsletter for your leisure guests with Valentine’s inspiration. Include packages and offers you would like to highlight.
  • Social media competition: hold a competition and give away a free dinner or hotel stay to get the word out there.
  • Influencer stay: giving influencers a sneak peek of your experiences ahead of time is a cost effective way gathering a new audience of potential guests through a trusted source.
Don’t Forget the Singles!

Everybody loves an excuse to spoil themselves, so make sure you don’t miss out on a whole group of people who are ready to flash their cash.

  • Single ladies love to celebrate “Galentine’s” with their best gal pals.
  • Hold a speed dating event.
  • Highlight that your Valentine’s menu is not only for couples, provide an incentive for those dining alone, e.g. a free glass of champagne or a dessert.
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