Important changes in Google Ads

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May 23, 2016
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Google modifications

May 26, 2016

Last February, Google started to carry out some substantial modifications when it comes to advertising. Previously Google showed three advertisements on the top of the page and seven on the right side of the page. This has changed to four advertisements on the top left side and no advertisements on the right side of the page.

Due to these changes the visibility of organic results will most likely decrease. Another consequence is the increased level of competition, and more competition means more expensive clicks.

To keep costs low and ad position high, optimisation of your campaign or advert is more than essential. Tips could be: increase the quality score, eliminate and delete low scoring keywords, and keep updating those adverts.

Besides this modification, Google introduced another important one. The company announced the launch of a new beta which enables textual advertisements to be 50% bigger, so called Expanded Text Ads (ETA’s).

Advertisements will change in four ways:

  • Another title line will be available (previously there was only 1 title line)
  • The current two description rules of maximum 35 characters will be replaced by 1 description rule with a maximum of 80 characters.
  • The visible url will change. This will be automatically loaded from the final url.
  • There is a possibility to add two more fields of both with a maximum of 15 characters.

Since the ETA’s are much bigger, it is likely that the CTR will increase. This means more visitors and more potential revenue. For agencies and companies it also means managing ETA’s separately from normal ads. And since CTR is likely to increase, costs will rise as well. Not because of its exclusivity, but because of the increased amount of visitors.

Another consequence is the likeability of decreased organic results. Although Google does not send out a clear message on this issue, it is likely that ETA’s will occupy more space on the results page and therefore will push organic results down. However, we do know ‘Google Adwords’ cannot be missed in the online marketing channels for a hotel.

Expanded Text Ads will be available from June 2016.

Foto: PureSolution / Shutterstock