Facebook Canvas: The Story Telling Tool of Facebook

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June 21, 2016
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Facebook Canvas 2

August 5, 2016

Facebook stays ahead of the game by frequently launching new features. Besides the recently launched 360 photos it is now possible to advert with Facebook Canvas: A small webpage that allows you to create a special experience. Perfect for your hotel branding!

Using imagery in a creative way is nothing new for Facebook. We all know the possibilities of Facebook’s carrousel and slideshow. Great tools, but sometimes still hard to convey the message you want. Facebook Canvas definitely changes this perspective. Story telling is not dependent on visuals only anymore.

How does it work?
At this point Facebook Canvas is only visible on mobile phones, by making use of the Facebook app. The tool offers several possibilities and allows you to use images, slideshows, text fields, videos, 360 pictures, links and call-to-action buttons. It is a new way of advertising which makes it possible to express the experience one gets when entering into your ‘brand world’.

How does Facebook Canvas look?
Facebook Canvas has a lot of varieties to offer. Have a look at the Facebook Canvas of Hotel Group Texel, where one can learn about what to explore on Texel and why Hotel Group Texel could be your next destination.

Bar Brasserie OCCO has used one to share the atmosphere of its venue.

The average length of a Canvas advertisement is between 18 and 71 seconds, which is quite some time when you think of how easily you scroll through your Facebook feed.

Foto: Twin Design / Shutterstock