Capture your audience with cinemagraphs

Capturing your audience can be quite a challenge. We all know, a good photograph is worth a 1000 words. Yet, photography alone might no longer be enough to keep your customers excited. The visual storytelling technique of cinemagraphs might be at your fingertips and will take your online visuals to the next level.


What are cinemagraphs? You’ve probably seen them before, a cinemagraph is a still photo with elements moving in it. The storytelling technique is not necessarily the most innovative technique, but what makes it unique is its power to bring a photo to life. Allowing a glimpse of time to be experienced and preserved.


The technique behind it. The technique of blending photography and video was introduced by New York Fashion Photographer Jamie Back and Graphics Designer Kevin Burg. Cinemagraphs are usually created as .gif files which make them easy to integrate on your website and social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. Note however that a cinemagraph has a more artistic vibe around it than a regular .gif. And since there are just a few elements moving in the cinemagraph, a touch of mystery and surprise is achieved.

What makes a cinemagraph a good cinemagraph? A good cinemagraph requires, firstly, a photograph of superb quality, followed up with a video captured at the exact same spot. Important is that exactly everything looks the same in the video as in the photograph, except for the ‘living moment’. Blending these elements is quite a challenge and therefore we prefer to leave this process up to the masterminds at VX Hotel Photography. Always keep in mind: a cinemagraph must add value in comparison to a regular picture or video. It should draw the attention or create a surprising effect.

A few of our favourites: 


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