The Hilton Photography case


The Hilton photography case

Our sister label Hotel Creatives is an approved photography partner of Hilton Hotels and Resorts. From the flamboyant Curio Collection to the majestic Conrad properties; we have captured the essence of Hilton’s individual brands.


At the start of any project, we closely collaborate with the local marketing department to secure time slots, locations and models. Together, we create a detailed script and an extensive briefing.


Our photographers dispose of a large range of equipment. This allows them to produce a consistent image quality no matter the circumstance. Furthermore, in their ambition to reach maximum quality, the Hilton properties and our photographers closely collaborated to adapt the schedule to maximise the use of day light.

On location

Hilton generally works with professional models
because they can take the right pose at any
time and have the experience to communicate
with a photographer. This increases both the
quality and quantity of the images.

Hotel 1


Hotel 1


Hotel 1


“From planning to editing: the bright minds of Orange Hotel Marketing helped us translate our brand into a vast collection of images. With this new appearance, demand for our resort mounted in no-time.”

John Appleseed

Conrad Resort Bali


Average daily
photo production: 30

Average increase
in visibility: 21%

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