Project Manager / Team Manager

Hello genius,

Orange Hotel Marketing builds strategies and supports high-end hotels, both nationally and internationally. We’d be more than excited if you come and join us as a Project Manager / Team Manager.

In this role, you are the internal hub for all of us here, from marketers to developers and freelancers. You own projects and translate them into a brilliant planning for the team. You’re that wonder that makes the world go around.

So… this may be your luck shot, since you:

  • Understand the basic concepts of marketing strategies & campaigns
  • Have planning skills that help us as beacons in a rocky ocean
  • See things we don’t see, down to the very last detail
  • Can keep our team focused and sparkling. Every day. Even early mornings.
  • Rather stay in fancy hotels
  • Have seen a university or hotel school from the inside (master or bachelor, both works)
  • Are an EU National and chatty in English
  • … and can’t wait to start

Join the team

  • You get to work with some of the most beautiful and renowned hotels
  • You’ll enter projects across the entire board. Spanning everything from marketing partnerships to consultancy, website development, photography, innovation and more. ‘Boring’ is the last word you should think of.
  • All-inclusive: drinks and lunch from our decently stuffed fridge. Or a hotel bar in the city.

Skyrocket your career!

This is  what happens if you accept our invitation:

  1. Apply here, on this website
  2. We meet for an interview and get to know each other
  3. You complete an assignment
  4. You’re the one! Welcome to Orange Hotel Marketing

The day of a Project Manager…

Early Morning


We’ve created a generous ad campaign for Grand Hotel Karel V. The hotel has just given their first feedback and the team has improved their piece of art. Before we light the fireworks, we welcome you up to stage. It is that thrilling moment again: your quality check. Did we follow all steps that are part and parcel of such a project? Does the campaign adhere to our sky-high standards? With a workflow and checklist system, you make sure we only show the world our very best.

You collaborate with:


A dangerous man. In any table tennis game.



Living typewriter. Lives on everything with ice cubes and a slice of lemon.

Before lunch


We receive an additional request from a hotel chain. Pillows Hotels is keen to create a separate website for one of their restaurants. You work on your part of the proposal, together with our creative mind and wonder of the world-wide-web. This is where you sketch the scope and cost of the project.

You’re doing all of this with:


Picasso of the 21st century. You click it, she drew it.


Composer of HTML and CSS symphonies.

After lunch


In the afternoon you work on one of our diamonds in the rough: the Knowledge Base. You are the head, captain and chief commander of all projects initiated internally. Under your leadership, we’ve just launched this new system, filled to the brim with marketing tips and tricks. In a brainstorm with all of us, you assess the necessary changes to turn this tool into the eighth wonder of the world.

Helping you out:

Entire Team
A bunch of restless minds and wiz-kids.



You end the day with the Marketing Consultant. Together, you run through the open requests from hotels, as well as our proactive proposals for next month. From here you put the pedal to the metal and translate all activities into service points for hotels and tasks for us. You also check each hotel’s service points balance, to see if they still follow the beat of their partnership package. You then head over to the project management system to assign us the different dance moves of next month.

You collaborate with:


Jack of all trades, master of the circus

End of day


We call it a day and continue the Orange Hotel Marketing tournament. In case you were wondering: Manos currently leads the ranking but Nicolas is coming up to pole position. Will you beat us?

Meanwhile at…



Eline Annink
Marketing Manager

“I can’t imagine my life without Orange Hotel Marketing. Ok, that’s a little dramatic 😉 but they really do make my life easier! They have managed to fully grasp and understand our different brands. From strategy to reality, the talented team is always ready to help.”

Here’s where the magic happens:

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