Online Hotel Marketer

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Hello genius,

Orange Hotel Marketing builds strategies and supports high-end hotels, both nationally and internationally. We’d be more than excited if you come and join us as an Online Marketeer.

In this role, you are our guardian angel of the world wide web. You oversee the online customer journey of different high-end hotels, ranging from the first social media advertisement to the last room booking and everything in between. You’re that crackerjack that keeps hotels miles ahead of their competition.

So… this may be your luck shot, since you:

  • Have a few years of experience in racking your marketing brain
  • Are a perfectionist, down to every detail
  • Understand the concepts of online demand and conversion.
  • Have the analytical skills to solve our data puzzles
  • Rather stay in fancy hotels
  • Are an EU National and chatty in English
  • … and can’t wait to start

Join the team

  • You get to work with some of the most beautiful and renowned hotels
  • Want to work 24 or 32 hours a week? Or the full (40 hours) blast?
  • You’ll enter projects across the entire board. ‘Boring’ is the last word you should think of.
  • Bring your imagination because we give you every bit of freedom. In the Orange Lab you translate all your ideas into brilliant innovations.
  • We help you grow and become a Marketing Consultant or a worldwide celebrity. Whatever you fancy.
  • All-inclusive: drinks and lunch from our decently stuffed fridge or a hotel bar in the city.

Skyrocket your career!

This is what happens if you accept our invitation:

  1. Apply here, on this website
  2. We meet for an interview and get to know each other
  3. You complete an assignment
  4. You’re the one! Welcome to Orange Hotel Marketing

The day of an Online Marketeer…

The Morning


First things first! Yesterday you launched a new Instagram re-marketing campaign for Hotel The Dylan and you cannot wait to see if miracles really happened. Did we receive more requests for the High Wine and Private Dining? Were more packages booked? Shall we adjust the target groups? The Hotel Marketing Intern is your beacon of support and has published a new article in The Dylan’s lifestyle magazine. Brilliant! You can now hook up the campaign to a great piece of content.

Before lunch


Inntel Hotels is about to open a new property and needs a complete Search Engine Strategy. You deep dive into the data of their other hotels, analyze possible keywords and draw up an advised budget. With the Marketing Consultant, you discuss the opportunities that blow away any Google algorithm. Convinced of the game plan? Then you hit send and await the client’s green light.

Helping you out:

Navigating the ship.



Time to focus. You make a gem of an espresso, you roll up your sleeves and hit the pitch again. Our photographer has delivered a brand-new batch of images for Hilton Hotels. You select the absolute masterpieces and use these to optimize the portfolio of our satellite brand: In between jobs, you spot another opportunity to improve the page flow. No one will stop you now. You adjust the necessary buttons and pages of the website and improve the user experience.

You’re doing all of this with:

21st Century Hotel Picasso.

Meanwhile at…



Eline Annink
Marketing Manager

“I can’t imagine my life without Orange Hotel Marketing. Ok, that’s a little dramatic 😉 but they really do make my life easier! They have managed to fully grasp and understand our different brands. From strategy to reality, the talented team is always ready to help.”

Here’s where the magic happens:

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