Hotel Marketing Internship

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Hello talent,

Orange Hotel Marketing builds strategies and supports high-end hotels, both nationally and internationally. We would be over the moon if you come and join us.

Scroll down below to apply right away. This may be your lucky shot, since you:

  • Want to learn
  • Don’t take all we say for granted
  • Are about to, or have a bachelor / master degree
  • Can’t wait to start
  • Prefer hotels over camping
  • Are mad about online marketing
  • Are an EU National
  • … and wordy in English

Join the team

Here’s why:

  • You get to work with some of the most beautiful and renowned hotels
  • We give you heaps of training. From social advertising and creative campaigns to conversion optimisation and analytics: we turn you into a marketing-Einstein.
  • All-inclusive: drinks and lunch from our decently stuffed fridge. Or a hotel bar in the city.

Skyrocket your career!

This is  what happens if you accept our invitation:

  1. Apply here, on this website
  2. We meet for an interview and get to know each other
  3. You complete a short assignment
  4. You’re the one! Welcome to Orange Hotel Marketing

The day of a Hotel Marketing Intern…

The Morning


You’ve launched the new Instagram re-marketing campaign of Pulitzer Amsterdam and it’s time to check whether you triumphed. How’s the campaign running? Any optimization needed? In Google Analytics you review all the bells and whistles. You’re sure that a few extra tweaks will convert more campaign traffic into leads and bookings.

Before lunch


You receive a request from one of our Spanish clients. Hotel Castell d’Empordà hosted a celebrity wedding and cannot wait to incorporate the video on the website. While adding the video clip to the CMS, you notice the wedding page could use a fresh makeover. You discuss your genius idea with the Marketing Consultant and work things out in a creative concept.

You’re doing all of this with:


Jack of all trades, master of the circus.



After lunch, you work on the email campaign for an international hotel chain. The Click Through Rate of the last email didn’t really change the world. This time you’re confident that you are the new saviour.  With an A/B test, you figure out whether your adjustments will have a positive impact on the CTR. Once you’ve given it all you got, you send a test email to the client for approval.

Meanwhile at…



Eline Annink
Marketing Manager

“I can’t imagine my life without Orange Hotel Marketing. Ok, that’s a little dramatic 😉 but they really do make my life easier! They have managed to fully grasp and understand our different brands. From strategy to reality, the talented team is always ready to help.”

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