Bing Advertising, Do or Don’t?

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May 26, 2016
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August 5, 2016

Bing Advertising

June 21, 2016

When someone asks you to name a search engine, it is quite likely you you’ll mention Google. Competitors, such as Bing (2,92% in Q1 2016) have a small market share. Obviously, this percentage is not comparable to Google’s. However, read on why you should consider Bing advertisement.

Bing as the default search engine

Microsoft sets up Bing as its default search engine in its software starting from Windows 8 onwards. And even Apple chooses to install Bing as the default search engine in its latest model versions.


Since Google is the platform for most of the users, most parties advertise in Google. Bing, therefore, gets forgotten. When it comes to comparing Bing with Google, you will not find the exact same quantity when it comes down to the amount of clicks and visits. But chances are your visibility is high and costs per click are relatively low. Only a small investment can bring you – in comparison – lots of traffic.

Import options

Another feature of Bing is that you will easily be able to copy or import your Google campaigns to Bing. Therefore it won’t be necessary to start from scratch, and the only thing left to do is optimising your campaigns.

Image extension

Bing distinguishes itself from Google in several ways. One example is a whole new extension Bing offers: the image extension, which offers the possibility to add images to your text advertisement. For example:


This extension is still in development. Bing is researching the options of showing more images at once in only one advert. According to Bing, it will look similar as the picture below. This might be an interesting possibility when campaigning your specials or room types.



Foto: GaudiLab / Shutterstock & Bing