5 x Best Instagram Practices for Hotels

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May 26, 2016

May 23, 2016

Instagram is hot. Nothing new when we tell you Instagram is a visual platform driving on creative content and a passionate community, where inspiring and being inspired is key. It’s however also a place to be for hotels. Have a look at the following best practices to see whether your hotel is on the right Instagram track.

  1. Consistency

Just like with any other social media account, it is important to be consistent. Don’t just involve in this medium because EVERYONE does. Maintaining an interesting social media account requires nourishment. Carefully selecting images and content takes time and energy. Hence, only start an Instagram account when it is valuable for your overall hotel brand strategy.

  1. A personal touch

Instagram is an incubator of users who share their personal and somewhat private moments with you. As a hotel you cannot, or shouldn’t, deny this essential part of this specific social platform. Involve your stakeholders, staff and audience. Go behind the scenes, ask your audience to share their experience, like and comment on your audience, and thank your audience by reposting their images. Most of the times users appreciate their image being shared, nevertheless always ask for permission or tag the person in question. Instagrammers like being inspired by a human brand, not by a product or service.

  1. Share experiences and inspirations, not sales

To be sure: Instagram is NOT a sales channel! Therefore, make sure you share enough unique stories and inspirations like customer experiences, special events, highlights and specific hotel insights. Of course you will be able to throw in some specials or services. In the end, Instagram offers the possibility to advertise and will make it even easier for your guests to book via Instagram in the future.

  1. Visual storytelling

An Instagram account becomes interesting when it offers high quality visual experiences. Strong hotel images, detailed shots and inspirational pictures are fundamental. A helpful strategy when starting is to consider the different topics or themes you are about to address on your account. It not only makes it easier to create content, but it will also keep your feed diverse and your audience inspired on all levels. You may keep in mind some of the guidelines below when posting new content. This way you will cover all the important must-do’s for a successful social Instagram account.

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* Focus on creative content

* Keep the message simple

* Entertain

* More inspiration, less information

  1. Hashtag maniac

Last but not least. When having the branding right, you need to be sure people will find your account. Make use of relevant hashtags below your post like #hotel #travel #roomservice #citytrip #food #yummy #breakfast. Whenever people search for these keywords your photo is likely to pop up with people who do not yet follow you. You will find more popular hashtags on the internet, nevertheless take time to come up with some catchy ones of your own as well. It brings uniqueness and your fans and guests are easily to track when promoting this hashtag.